How To Consume Duck Flower

How To Consume Duck Flower

Because our Duck Flower is sourced in Jamaica, it is dried and packaged before it is shipped. It can be consumed in dried or blended form (whichever is convenient) and the benefits will remain the same.

To avoid its pungent odor, you can blend it into a smoothie with other flavors.

Our  Duck Flower Detox is 100% Duck Flower Blossom of the Contribo herb - Aristolochia grandiflora - wild-harvested in the hills of Jamaica, dehydrated then packaged for you. It has no additives or fillers.

The Duck Flower Cleanse is a healing and transformative detox that takes place for up to 8 hours. Here are some of the benefits that this cleanse is known for.

Remove excess mucus - The components of the Duck Flower remove excess mucus from everywhere in the body.

Reduce bloating and water weight- Reset your digestive system and shed some excess weight using the Duck Flower cleanse. It’s also a good way to transition into an alkaline diet.

Complete Gut Cleanse- The Duck Flower removes parasites, heavy metals, and toxic waste from your intestines. You will feel lighter and more energized after the cleanse.

Here are some ways that you can do the duck flower cleanse after purchasing it.


Remove the dried duck flower from the packet with clean hands.

  • Rehydrate the flower and chew it raw - The easiest way to ingest The Duck is to consume it raw. Chewing it slowly will release all of the active compounds and give you the same effects as any other method of consumption. Be mindful of the taste/smell of the flower as it can be very strong.
  • Blend It Into a Liquid - Blend the dried duck flower into a smoothie, blend with coconut water, or into your favorite smoothie.
  • Make Duck Flower Powder - For a less intense detox with the same purifying effects, you can blend your duck flower into a powder and consume small quantities over a period of time. To do this, put your dried duck flower into a dry blender or food processor and blend until everything is in a powdered form.
  • Buy Duck Flower Capsules - Lessen the intensity of the detox by consuming Duck Flower Capsules. Take 3-4 pills for 3 consecutive mornings. You can consume a regular diet on both days but it is suggested that you opt for a plant-based diet to get the most out of this cleanse.
  • Make Duck Flower Tea - After you get the dried plant, steep it in 8oz of hot water for 20 minutes and then consume the tea.

After The Detox

Your first meal after the Duck Flower Detox should be light and nutritious. A salad is always a good option. It’s also essential to replenish your electrolytes with a lot of water, fruit, or coconut water. If you vomit or sweat a lot during your cleanse, then rehydrating is crucial. 

Learn about the benefits of The Duck Flower Here 

The effects of this detox will vary with each individual. It can be very aggressive or very mild, depending on the quantities in which you take it. It is not advised that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, babies, or children, take this detox. Do NOT take it without first consulting your health professional.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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