Duck Flower Detox

Duck Flower Detox works by cleansing the body of toxins and removing inflammation and mucus. It is a natural product that act intensely and is a great way to cleanse your body!

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Dr. Sebi Approved

The Duck Flower Detox was used by the world’s best herbalist, Dr. Sebi. He described it as the BEST way to detox the body from mucus and toxins. 

  • Internal Body Cleanse

    The duck flower cleanses the body internally and aids in clearing up phlegm buildup, chest coughs, and excess mucus.

  • Eliminates Parasites

    A potent cleanse that gets rid of parasites and, as a result, helps the intestines clean up the affected waste.

  • Reduces Bloating 

    Helps to trigger menstruation and reduces bloating. Thus, it is an essential herb for women whose periods are irregular.

  • Increase Mental Clarity

    Clarity of thought, energy, and vigor will increase as a healthier, lighter body and mind can process more energy.